Sysco Central California was founded in 1938 and was originally known as Hosking’s Food Products. In the 1970’s, Hoskings merged with North Pole Frozen Foods and Major Store Equipment Co. and became Major-Hoskings, a distributor of Food and Food Service Supplies. In 1985, Major-Hoskings acquired and integrated a fresh produce business into the foodservice operation.

Sysco Corporation acquired Major-Hoskings in 1987, and a new name was adopted, Major-Sysco. In 2004 our name was changed to Sysco Central California to better describe our service area.

Sysco Central California, Inc., a subsidiary of Sysco Corporation of Houston, Texas employs over 400 local employees in its service area. The company supplies food and related products and services to restaurants, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, lodging facilities and other food service operations in the California Central Valley market.

Sysco Central California is dedicated to keeping customers profitable and to continue to be the premier foodservice supplier in the Central Valley.